maya johnsonPublisher Maya Johnson

We represent Social Scenes in Europe during the summer in places such as Monte- Carlo, Saint-Tropez, Paris, London, Germany and Belgium.

Starting in November of each year, we cover the Winter Social Season (November-May) in Palm Beach, Florida. We focus on major fundraising events that take place in Palm Beach and also other places such as Miami, Boca Raton, New York, etc.

We strongly support charities and non-profit organizations locally and internationally.

We are a privately owned publication that was established as Palm Beach Today Magazine and Newspaper and was subsequently renamed as Palm Beach Today International.

PBTI is published 5-6 times each social season and is available at local stands and bookshops, and also via subscription to make our magazine accessible to a much wider audience. We would like to thank local and international leaders and top humanitarians for their support of our publication.

As a publisher of Palm Beach Today International, I feel privileged to be able to cover the great things that philanthropists are able to do here in Palm Beach and elsewhere!

I sincerely appreciate your support in our success for the future!

Yours truly,

Maya A. Johnson

Cell: 561-758-0247

Email: [email protected]


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